Redcliffe Childrens Centre

Redcliffe Children's Centre evolved from being a purpose built Nursery School in the 1960's to an Early Years Centre in 2000, to an Early Excellence Centre in 2003. The Senior Management / Leadership Team reflect the integrated services provided at the Centre.

The nursery building is set amidst a group of high rise flats close to the city centre and areas of historical interest. In 2009 we acquired family service space at unused church premises only 100 yards from our main building. This has given us much more scope to develop our service to families and the community. We use all the community space that we can and we have a thriving allotment and access to the secondary school swimming pool. Over forty of our families regularly use the swimming pool.

The Centre provides nursery places for 3 and 4 year olds and 2 year olds. It also offers breakfast and tea club places. Our family services provide an outreach for 1,400 families.