Buttercup Lane Childminders

Buttercup Lane Childminders intention is to create a safe and friendly environment for your most prized assets. Your kids are your future and to help them gain the best things in life you need to relax in the knowledge that they are safe and in our environment that is warm and welcoming. If you're relaxed at work and not having to worry about your children you will have that extra energy for play when you come home. Our policy is clear, safe, clean and most of all a real enjoyable place where your children can come to learn, have fun and ultimately be safe when your otherwise engaged.

Well we are just like you, working parents that enjoy the pleasures that children can bring. We have the drive and passion to make every day exciting and pleasurable, Using our experience has parents we can provide just as good a service as the more expensive nursery's that cost a fortune and where better than in the comfort of a home.