Casa Dei Bambini

We offer all children a varied, structured timetable, to stimulate their young minds, develop social awareness and encourage independence.

The nursery is proudly owned and operated by Kathleen Kennedy, a fully qualified Montessori teacher with a BA in Childhood Practice, Kathleen has worked with pre-school children since 1990.

Dr. Maria Montessori opened the first ever Montessori pre-school ‘Casa Dei Bambini' (The Children's House) in Rome, Italy on January 6 th 1907. Her ideas on education were revolutionary at the turn of the last century. She advocated pre-school education at a time when no school for children under the age of six existed. She devised a system of early education that was scientifically designed to meet the needs of the child. Montessori felt that nursery schools should foster self-reliance and independence is child orientated and help each child develop to their fullest potential.