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We believe that through play, children learn most effectively. Children's Choice draws from the best and most authoritative philosophies including Monessori, Piaget, Reggio Emilia and Vygotsky. During our many creative activities we place emphasis on the inventive process and not solely the end product. This means that the child's individual efforts are always celebrated with others, developing their confidence and self esteem.

Recognising that children learn at their own individual pace, we ensure each child can make choices about the activities they would like to take part in each day. Dedicated Key carers carefully plan activities based on their developing knowledge of each child in their care, and compile a 'Personal Learning Journey' file with parents.

By law, every nursery has to comply with childcare regulations as set out by Ofsted (the Office for Standards in Education Department).

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Norham Road

Whitley Bay, NE26 3NR
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