Complete Childminder

We are Jennie & Richard, Childminders in Tyersal, Bradford and parents to 3 wonderful boys.

We started our Childminding business in May 2009 as we wanted to work with children and the idea was presented to us by our local Sure Start centre. The childminding setting is our semi-detached home in Tyersal, Bradford 4. The whole house is used for childminding and we have spent a lot of time and effort in keeping a good balance of warm friendly home and an excellent childcare provision. Our back garden is something we a particularly proud of as we have a large climbing frame, soft play surfaces and a good selection of outdoor toys.

The business is going strong and we get much joy from seeing the children we look after learn and have fun at the same time. The environment we have created and nurtured is that of a family atmosphere not a cold clinical nursery environment. Children thrive with love, care and complete attention which we provide in abundance.