Downshire Nursery School

Downshire Nursery School provides the highest quality nursery education and promotes the all round development of each of our valued children through fun, play based activities planned for and provided by our dedicated, highly qualified and professional staff. We do this in partnership with the children's parents, whom we hope, will be involved at every stage of their children's education. We are an ECO friendly and health promoting school.

Downshire Nursery is situated in Primrose Gardens, Banbridge, Co Down. The majority of our children come from the town while a few travel from the rural areas and villages around Banbridge to attend on a daily basis and most transfer to the local primary schools. We have fifty-two full time places for children in their pre-school year. Our two classes of twenty-six children attend from 8:45am until 1:20pm.

The staff consists of one principal teacher, one teacher, two full-time nursery assistants and two part-time assistants.