We create a unique place for children aged 0 to 5 years and offer for them the opportunity to holistic education based on fun and joy in a warm and friendly environment. Activities are provided in two age groups (0-3 and 3-5) and they are specially planed according to the child's age, individual needs and abilities. During the day our qualified staff use combination of educational methods: ie: Maria Montessori, and the global method of reading by Glenn Doman, the Veronica Sherborn's Developmental Movement Method, Dennison's brain gymnastics, methods for teaching English as a additional language (Helen Doron bilingualism program, C. Selby) and many others. Activities are delivered as workshops where learning process is a continuous action and experimentation. This is great place for a challenge and an adventure. Children have the opportunity to actively seek out and solve problems using their own knowledge and experience of others wich is supported and encouraged by teachers.