Greenfield Nursery School

When Greenfields originally opened its doors, the nursery was very much based on using the Montessori method of teaching. However, over the years, Lesley and the team has recognised the need to adapt this technique to incorporate the modern day teaching expectations of a nursery school. They are constantly updating & adding to the curriculum ensuring a safe, stimulating & caring environment, where physical, emotional & social skills can all be developed. Outdoor play is a vital part of Greenfields philosophy, & the nursery is fortunate enough to have 2 safe & secure play areas, one being recently totally refurbished to include a trickling stream, jungle hut with rope bridges, a play house with curtains & window boxes, as well as sand pit & sensory play equipment.

The children also benefit from access to a large gently sloping grassy meadow, & the use of an entire rugby pitch for larger outdoor play activities.