Hillfields Childrens Centre

Hillfields Children's Centre was the first combined nursery centre in the country, developed in the late 1960s and opened in 1971. From the beginning, the aims of the centre were to meet the needs of the Hillfields community, by providing family support, health services, day care and education for children from birth to five and their families.

Hillfields Children's Centre is located in the St Michael's Ward in Coventry. The local community is very diverse and this means that the Centre community is culturally rich.

In 1997 the centre was designated by the DfES as one of the first Early Excellence Centres in recognition of the high-quality integrated practice. In 2005, Hillfields became a designated Children's Centre. It continues to work with the local community in a very responsive, flexible way to best support families in the most exciting, challenging and rewarding work of caring for their children.