Little Cherubs

The job of caring for, and developing children, is the most important job in the world. This is particularly true for the Early Years age group, since brain growth between 0-3 years happens at a much greater rate than at any other time during life. This is the time the child is most receptive to learning and stimulation - by the time a child starts school most of the emotional and intellectual "wiring" of the brain has been set. The child's experiences in these early years are therefore vital to their wellbeing and future achievements. The more diverse and interesting experiences the child enjoys, the more the neurons in his or her brains are connected. Our job is therefore to create an engaging and varied environment which maximises the child's opportunity to learn and develop. And the best part is, although Ofsted call it teaching - to a child this is play!

We do our best to replicate that "family" environment in all aspects of our daily nursery life.