Little Fingers Day Nursery

Little Fingers Day Nursery in Darenth, Kent operate from 7:00am-19:00pm, 5 days per week. The nursery closes for Bank Holidays and for a week at Christmas. Creative activities are part of our daily routine such as painting techniques, playing with water, sand and many other messy materials. Social events such as eating and playing together as part of a larger group help support children as they move from the nursery environment into a larger reception classes. Children are in their own age groups and move through the playrooms in Little Fingers Day Nursery. Children do not just move rooms by age, but also by their ability, all equipment is age appropriate. In Little Fingers Day Nursery, we encourage our children to take turns, share and respect each other and encourage phrases such as 'Please & Thank you', we teach children self-care skills as they grow older helping them become confident and capable when making that move to big school.