Moo Moo Childcare

Ofsted registered Childminder since September 2013 Wayne is 26 years old and has a kind approachable nature. All the children warm to him quickly and has a kind and caring nature towards all families. He is the owner of Moo Moo Childcare and works hard to ensure families in the local community have the option to use his services which are not only incredibly flexible, but very well priced! He is very proud of his business. I have been inspected by OFSTED and received the best possible result I can achieve as a "new" childminder.

First inspections you can not receive Outstanding. She is registered on Wayne's Ofsted Registration as a Childminder Assistant. Wayne and Hazel got married in May 2014 and have been together since 2011. She used to work with premature babies in the Hospital before going on Maternity Leave in November 2014. Although she lives here she is not actively working with us until her maternity leave ends. At Moo Moo Childcare, the children we care for are treated as individuals.