Oakey Dokey Day Care

Oakey Dokey Day Care Nursery is situated at 50 Belfast Road, Holywood, Co. Down. The Nursery was established in August 2007 and is a family run business managed by Siobhan and Jacqui. Siobhan is a qualified accountant and is responsible for the management and administration of the nursery. Jacqui is a qualified primary school teacher and she manages the eary learning care and education of the children and ensuring the programme/curriculum for early years is adhered to by all staff.

The nursery is fully equipped with all the Fire and Health & Safety equipment and is registered and monitored by Social Services on a regular basis. We are also members of The Early Years Organisation. At Oakey Dokey, the needs of the children are our first concern, closely followed by those of the parents. We aim to offer a warm, bright, caring environment where learning is encouraged at all ages. We encourage an "open door policy" at our office.