South Woodham Pre-School

Our focus is on positive relationships with children and their families, working together towards an inclusive curriculum that incorporates every age and stage of development. We aim for an atmosphere of co-operation, with respect for individual differences and community values. We are a Committee run, charity based Pre-school. We operate five days a week - Monday to Friday. Our hours are 8.50am to 11.20am and 11.50am to 2.50pm. The Pre-school is registered for 46 children, 26 in the main demountable and 20 children in a separate demountable belonging to Woodville Primary School.

Pre-school offers children a place to meet other children, make friends and have fun. We recognise children as individuals with specific needs and will be supportive in developing their potential at their own pace by means of developmentally appropriate play activities and a high level of individual adult input.