Sunrise Nanny Agency

Bournemouth Based Sunrise Nanny Agency is owned and run by Carly Painter. She is a local childcare professional who has held varied childcare positions throughout her career. She set up Sunrise Nanny Agency in 2005 after breaking her leg and being unable to return to work as a nanny, upon seeing local agencies floundering at trying to help find a replacement for her employers, she thought "I can do better than that" and set up Sunrise Nanny Agency. Carly comes from a family of childcare professionals, her own mother is a nanny for Sunrise Nanny Agency, her great Aunt was one of the first professionals to complete the NNEB childcare qualification and her great great grandma was a nanny in 1880. Childcare is in her blood and she is passionate about providing the best childcare to children. She strongly believes the one to one attention a nanny can provide is the best form of childcare a child can have.