Taxing Nannies

Under HM Revenue & Customs rules, every employer (however small) has to calculate the tax and submit this online at the same time that the employee gets paid. It's called Real Time Information (RTI). So if your nanny gets paid every Friday, you have to submit your tax calculation to HMRC every Friday.

From just £25 per month including VAT we will take care of everything related to nanny tax issues including opening a nanny PAYE scheme, calculating nanny tax and National Insurance and providing regular payslips to your nanny, advising on Sick Pay and Maternity Pay, and handling all dealings with HM Revenue & Customs. Taxing Nannies is the best nanny tax and payroll service. We have a very high ratio of staff to clients and are led by Sara Graff, a mother with much personal experience of employing a nanny as well as a Chartered Accountant and Member of the Institute of Taxation for over twenty years.