Tinies Childcare

Thank you so much for your helpful and friendly team! The team was very flexible with timings when our guest speakers were delayed and so overran on the first morning. The children were happy with the service and there were no issues about returning for more! Activities were well-planned with lots of variety, and our young guests were keen to tell us what they had been up to.

We have used Tinies Creches at many of our weddings and have always been very impressed. They put so much thought into ensuring the kids have a great time and are kept safe, the room is transformed into a fun zone and looks fabulous. The children have always had a great time and the parents are so grateful for somewhere safe and exciting to leave the kids so they can enjoy themselves too. Tinies Creches think of everything ensuring kids meals, bathroom access and even nap time for the really little ones are considered, and always with a smile on their faces, making them a joy to work with!