Treetops Outdoor Nursery

The children meet in the morning on the main green in Dalkeith Country Park. Children come dressed in their kit with their bag. We start our journey by asking the children what they would like to do today and then we make our way to the nursery site.

We know our site very well as do the children, when we get there the first thing we do is assess the site using our child friendly benefit risk sheets. Once we know all is good we start setting up the site with the children. We put up a tarpaulin shelter if rain looks likely. The day is then a mixture of child-led exploration and play, coupled with Forest School activities. Adult interactions are sensitive, making sure the children are supported when necessary and empowered to direct their own learning and achieve their own goals.

We have lots of activities throughout each day and week so that the children are always stimulated. However, we revisit activities if the children wish to do so.