Choosing the right pushchair may not be rocket science, however, it is not necessarily the easiest thing in the world too. It may sound like a simple choice you can make after narrowing down to the top brands on the market, however, this is definitely not the case as selecting the right pushchair depends on a number of factors you need to consider. Choosing the right pushchair is certainly not a question of selecting a popular brand, making sure it fits your budget and it is suitable for the age of your child. While these are important too, make sure you take your time and consider the other aspects too. So here are a few important aspects of choosing the best pushchair for you to think if before you make a rushed purchase that you may regret later on.

Pram, Pushchair or Buggy?

You are probably unprepared for this if you are parents for the first time, but pram, pushchair and buggy are actually not different words for the same thing, these are different types of transportation for your child. Prams are essentially designed for newborns and young babies up to six months old. Prams are usually designed to be parent-facing. Pushchairs, on another hand, are normally designed for older babies and toddlers. Pushchairs are usually forward-facing and they are also called strollers. Finally, a buggy is what lightweight collapsible frames are called. Buggies are normally no heavier than 5kg. A classic pushchair can weigh ten kilograms and more.

What Type of Pram to Choose for a Newborn?

The main thing you need to consider when choosing a pram for your newborn is picking a design that ensures the newborn is laying flat in the pram as this is important for protecting their backs, and assists with breathing. Flat laying is considered overall the healthiest option for the development of newborns and really young babies. In general, you need to remember that when you are choosing a pram, a maximum recline angle of anything less than this is not suitable for a baby younger than 6 months.

What Budget to Ensure for a Pushchair?

Now, you may be wondering how much you need to spend on a pushchair in order to make sure you are getting the best pushchair for your money. There are so many different designs and brand of pushchairs available on the market, some of them coming with extras, other being basic models. This pretty much means that prices of pushchairs will vary a lot too. However, how to make sure you are not getting something too cheap and with bad quality or you are not overspending on a pushchair with extras you actually don’t need? The truth is that the two factors that can determine your decision the best are how much you are willing to spend and for how long you are planning to use the pushchair. Many companies now design combinations of prams and pushchairs where you will get both a carrycot and a seat unit. Indeed, you will pay more for this option, however, keep in mind that you will also use it for longer and you don’t have to purchase a pram and a pushchair separately, which can actually save you money in the long run. You can also opt for buying a second-hand pushchair and pram, which is always a good way to save some money.

What Features to Look for?

Different designs and types of pushchairs come with different features that upgrade the basic function of a pushchair. Most of the companies you will find on the market offer pushchairs that are adapted for use in urban settings. Make sure to consider where you are planning to do the majority of the pushing as there are also models of pushchairs that are adapted for country living and settings. There are also prams and pushchairs that are designed for all-terrain purposes. You need to also consider the size of your boot and how the pushchair will fit into it when you are travelling. Think of how often you will need to fit the pushchair in the boot and based on that look for a model that is easily foldable. In case this is not your first baby, you probably need to consider the older siblings too.

In case some of them still need a pushchair, make sure to check if there is an option to buy a second attachment to the pushchair that can be used for the younger child. Of course, if your babies are really close in age or you are having twins, you definitely need to check all double buggy options available on the market. Before you purchase a pushchair, it is definitely a great thing if you are able to test-drive the few models you are considering. Pay attention to details like how easy it is to manoeuvre, how robust the pushchairs look, how easy it is to fold them, how easy the brakes are to operate, does the pushchair or pram feel stable enough, what is the overall wheel width and is it going to fit into your hallway?

What Accessories Do You Need?

Most of the prams and pushchairs come with some additional accessories, however, keep in mind that you may also need to purchase some extra ones, depending on whether you are going to need them and use them often enough. A rain cover or a hood are really great accessories you may need and you would probably use them quite often. You may also need a sun parasol in case there is no built-in shade as part of the design of the pushchair or pram. Other accessories you may want to purchase are a fleece lining, a footmuff, and even clip-on toys you will attach to the bumper bar so they can keep the baby occupied.

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