Sunflower Montessori Kindergarten
At Sunflower Montessori we strive for the fullest possible development of each child according to the philosophy developed by Dr. Maria Montessori. Using the specially prepared environment and
Kingfisher Pre-school
Our Pre-School has been meeting at the BRENTWOOD BAPTIST CHURCH HALL since January 1986 - we are a Committee run activity of the B.B.C which seeks to provide services to the community and to promote
Tiny Treasures Day Nursery
Tiny Treasures is a family run Day Nursery. We are two sisters that have an extremely close relationship and like to think that we make a good team! We have a combination of 18 years experience in
Purple Puddles Childcare
Research has shown that quality early years experience has a positive effect on the child's cognitive, social and emotional development which they then take with them to school and onwards into later
Little Legs Day Nursery
Just come and visit us or look through the Little Legs Nursery and Pre-School website to see how we are different. Apart from big, spacious and sunny rooms we also have a fantastic garden that spreads
Little Monkees
We are a family run, age banded, preschool group and have been established since 2003 with our own 3 children, Oliver, Edward and Isabella, influencing the design and development of our unique play
Hopscotch Day Nursery
Thank you so much for looking after our precious A. It is so reassuring when we have to go off to work, that she is having a great time and learning too! You all work really hard and it shows in the