Gower Day Nursery

At Gower Day Nursery our aim has always been to create a warm, comforting and home-like atmosphere. We provide 37 places and feel it is of the utmost importance to ensure plenty of individual attention and to enable all children and staff to know each other personally. We are open plan which allows the children to be in their own age-groups but still to interact with others. This is also important to us as real life consists of mixing with all ages, not just equals.

We are open Monday to Friday 7.15a.m - 6.00p.m (but please ask if earlier or later hours are required) throughout the year except for Bank Holidays and Christmas. We know how important it is for you to feel happy and confident with your choice of nursery. We share information through newsletters, entrance notice - board and daily information diaries. However, your main point of contact will always be the manager and / or your child's key worker.