Whizz Kidz Nurseries

Whizz Kidz Nurseries, located on a pleasant quiet residential road in Sutton, strive to provide your child with the best early childhood years possible! Every child is entitled to a loving, educational, and active childhood, and since these are precious years that we cannot get back, they must be treasured and lived to the fullest!

Providing a home away from home, our staff as well as being fully qualified and experienced share your parental love and live to care for your child as if they would their own. Furthermore, we understand that your child is your most valuable possession in the whole world, and that naturally you may want to check on them sometimes during the day. For this reason, we exclusively allow you access to our fully secure live camera feed, accessible strictly only to you, so that you may put your mind at ease if you wish to check on your child from time to time.