Zebedees Day Nursery

ZEBEDEES BATH - The ladybird children are off to Bath City Farm this afternoon to see the animals. We are hoping to find a goat as it's the year of the goat (Chinese New Year). ZEBEDEES BATH - We have rearranged our garden, and have provided more wood and natural materials for the children to explore. The children have had a great time this week exploring and den building. Zebedees Day Nurseries provide a secure, happy, friendly and stimulating environment which is well planned and organised. We offer a safe setting where children can explore, experiment, plan and make decisions for themselves.

We encourage children's development and stimulate their creativity through purposeful play and activities. We aim to offer a unique balance of staff expertise - this includes Early Years teachers and staff who hold recognized childcare qualifications or who are receiving training toward a recognized qualification. All our staff attend frequent training in early years education and work as a strong team.